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Johnny Cash Experience PrivaTE cAR tOUR

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My wife and I took a driving tour of Memphis with Brandon and it was amazing! We had a fun time and learned so much about Memphis blues, soul, rockabilly, rock, and more. We have taken guided tours in many cities and you won't find a better guide than Brandon.

Jay C.
New Gloucester, Maine

Historic photo of Johnny Cash playing the guitar, deeply focused on his performance with his signature style and intensity

Ride with Johnny:
The Ultimate Memphis Cash Tour!

Private Car Tour

1.5 Hours
$150 Per Group
(Up To 3 People Per Group)

Journey through the early echoes of a legend with the Man in Black. From his rustic roots in Arkansas to his transformative years in the Air Force, and finally his groundbreaking musical beginnings in Memphis, this tour unfolds the layers of Johnny Cash's early life. Discover how the city of Memphis shaped his sound and character, setting the stage for a career that would reverberate through the ages of music history.

Experience more than just a tour; it's a passage through time. Delve into the soul of Memphis, where Johnny Cash forged his initial path to fame. Witness the city that both inspired and was transformed by his deep, resonant voice and raw, heartfelt lyrics. Our journey is a celebration of Cash’s legacy, capturing the spirit and struggles of his early years without revealing the sacred sites that you'll later explore in detail.

Follow the rhythm of Johnny Cash’s early strides. Immerse yourself in the essence of his life in Memphis, understanding why he loved this city and eventually why he felt the need to move on. Our knowledgeable guide will share anecdotes and insights, enriching your connection to Cash, and offering a glimpse into his complex persona. Prepare to walk away with a deeper appreciation of how Memphis played a pivotal role in shaping the music and the man known as the Man in Black.


  • See the building where Johnny Cash recorded his first songs, setting the stage for a music career that would echo through the ages.

  • Stand near the humble venue where Johnny Cash’s journey from obscurity to fame began with his first paid performance.

  • Drive through the neighborhoods that once housed the Man in Black, where he found inspiration and solitude away from the spotlight.

  • See the residence that played a pivotal role in the early days of Cash’s collaboration with his bandmates, forging sounds that would define a generation.

  • Trace the roots of Johnny Cash’s trademark black suit, a symbol of his unique blend of rebellion and somber dignity.

  • Pass by the old radio station where Johnny Cash's deep, resonant voice first echoed over the airwaves, heralding the arrival of a music legend.

  • Visit some of the memorable locations used in the filming of 'Walk The Line,' the movie that beautifully captured the life and struggles of Johnny Cash.

  • Buckle up for a tour brimming with surprises, legendary tales, and Country music mystique. With so much more to uncover, your journey through Johnny Cash's Memphis is guaranteed to be a thrilling adventure!


$150 Per Group

90-Minute Rock 'n' Roll Adventure

Departure Time

  • 9:00 AM

  • 11:30 AM

  • 2:00 PM

  • 5:00 PM

Group Size

3 Maximum


Sun Studio Tour

Rock 'n' Soul Museum

Need a different tour time or have a larger group? Interested in another museum or a customized tour?  Need a longer tour?  Reach out to us through the link below!

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