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Welcome to Rock 'n' Roll Tours, where we turn your visit to Memphis, TN, into an unforgettable adventure! We're not your typical tour guides; we're your new best friends, here to make sure your experience is as unique and exciting as you are. No cookie-cutter tours here! At Rock 'n' Roll Tours, we craft each experience just for you. We listen to your interests, check the weather, and keep our finger on the pulse of the hottest spots in town to create a tour that's perfect for the day you join us. We're not just tour guides; we're memory-makers. Explore our website to discover a wide range of tours, from historical landmarks to vibrant cultural hotspots. Get ready for a journey you'll cherish with Rock 'n' Roll Tours!

What Makes Us Special

Local Expert Guides

Our staff is composed of locals who want to help you make the most of your trip to our vibrant city. We love Memphis, and we want you to love it, too!

Handpicked Adventures

Whether you want to explore the city by foot or travel in one of our vehicles, we have a tour to suit you.

Hidden Gem Destinations

Our experienced team creates custom-made trips to hidden gem destinations that cater to your unique interests and preferences. Whether it's a private tour or a group tour, we guarantee that you will have an unforgettable experience.


Our Tours


"Very knowledgable about Memphis history and landmarks with a fun demeanor and presentation."

Alan H.
Chapin, United States

"This tour has been a highlight of our trip and highly recommend it to anyone."

Sally P.
Adelaide, Australia

"We loved how much Brandon loves Memphis and fights hard for its history."

Randi Y.
Toronto, Ontario

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Our Story


Step into the vibrant world of Brandon Cunning, a born-and-raised Washington, PA native with an insatiable passion for all things from the 50's era. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing melodies that have fueled his lifelong love affair with music. From receiving his first guitar at age 13 to backing up legendary Sun Records icons like Sonny Burgess, Smoochy Smith and J.M. Van Eaton. 


Brandon's musical journey led him to the irresistible allure of Memphis, where he made his mark as a radio DJ and captivated audiences as a Beale Street entertainer. With an unwavering passion for the city's rich musical heritage, he harnessed his expertise to curate immersive music tours that have garnered him a reputation as a top guide.  With an extensive background in captivating visitors with his expert knowledge, Brandon's tour experiences have consistently earned rave reviews, culminating in the creation of Rock 'n' Roll Tours - an opportunity to explore the city he wholeheartedly calls home.

Embark on a rhythmic odyssey through Memphis with Brandon, and allow him to share his profound knowledge and firsthand experiences as both an entertainer and a devoted music aficionado. Get ready to uncover the soul-stirring magic of Memphis through the eyes of a true Beale Street entertainer.

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